invoice imageBy hiring a copyeditor, you are investing in the quality of your document.

I charge either an hourly fee or a price per word fee depending on the needs and intensity of the project. Together we will determine the level of editing that I will perform on your document. You may have financial constraints that demand a lesser service than the document requires and this would need to be clarified and agreed upon by us both in advance. Substantive or developmental editing costs a little more. Any agreement we come to will be clearly defined and done in writing.

For an example of distinctions made between levels of editing, take a look at the following link, Editing Levels.

If we agree on an hourly fee, I keep a detailed log of the hours I spend editing your project rounding up to the quarter hour (i.e., 4 hours and 3 minutes will charge at 4 hours and 15 minutes).

If your document contains a section or sections of complicated tables, formulas, references or bibliographies, legal statements, etc… that need heavy editing, a portion of the project may fall into a higher rate per hour estimate, and I am happy to distinguish between one and the other. Extensive fact or link checking may also require more time.

I often require a deposit up front  and this will be clarified in our written agreement. After, I  will send an invoice upon completion of the work and expect full and/or final payment no later than thirty days from the date on the invoice.

I am willing to negotiate my fee with students on a case-by-case basis. I usually require students to pay upon receiving a watermarked version of their document. And once payment is received, I send the final copy.