Untitled-1 I am like a cat with nine lives and have experienced wonderful careers that began with collating newspapers when I was twelve-years-old. A degree in Communication followed by a Masters in Psychology demanded that I be precise in my written and spoken communications. Having moved to another country and learning a new language, however, holds its frustrations as I make errors all the time in both arenas—but this has only inspired me to study and understand the intricacies of my birth language even more—and in the end I find that I really, really, no … really enjoy editing!

I am new to the field but liken myself to a new pilot just starting out. There is an understanding among airplane pilots that new pilots are often safer than the more seasoned ones because they are hyper-vigilant when they fly. I feel the same way as a new editor. There is nothing I will not do to make the best editorial choice possible and I will clearly explain my reason for doing so. I prefer to offer a light-hand versus a heavy-hand because I do not consider myself a writer. Writing shall be left to you, the writer, and preserving your voice is another aspect of editing I am especially keen about. This does not mean that I do not do what we in the biz call “heavy editing.” I do and can, and by giving me a sample of your writing I can determine if it needs light, medium, or heavy editing. This will also help me determine the cost of your project.

I live and work in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico (google it; I had to) and received my certificate in Copyediting from UCSD´s Extension Program, a wonderful on line learning experience that will provide me community and support for the rest of my editing life. I have spent the past fifteen years, however, directing a Yoga program for a professional soccer team, actually, sixteen teams and their coaches, oh! and another 450 children ages two to nineteen in a private school. Remember I am a cat with nine lives. I am a Master Teacher with Yoga Alliance and only share this as it pertains to my abilities as a copyeditor. As a program director, I spent the last fifteen years developing, writing, and editing my programs. I have enough material for an encyclopedia set were one needed in the world of Yoga for professional athletes and school children. Keep in mind that I did this in two languages and even did most of my own editing in the Spanish version, though I thank the Guadalupe for having had amazing assistants through the years.

Before coming to Guadalajara I worked in Marketing and Public Relations in San Diego for Deepak Chopra where I was instrumental in content development, and before that I worked as a psychotherapist in private practice and in crisis intervention for many years in the Seattle, Washington area.This work helped me develop important people skills, fundamental to any position.

Returning to the now, before and since receiving my copyediting certificate and becoming official in August 2014, I have edited newly translated works, marketing materials, college entrance letters, journal articles, and a work of fiction—who wouldn´t like to edit fiction? I will continue to work diligently on any project I am bequeathed, with the primary intention of preserving your voice while making sure the audience understands what it is you want to say.